The Best SmartThings Edge Drivers (2023)

The Best SmartThings Edge Drivers (2023)

If you're looking for some of the best SmartThings edge drivers that enable you to Do More with SmartThings, then a great place to start is to watch this video from Brian's at Automate Your Life.

This video gives you a full guide to some of the best SmartThings edge drivers that will extend the capabilities of the SmartThings platform and enable you to create better smart home experiences.

All these edge drivers are available on SmartThings EXTRAS.

A Video Timeline
00:00 - The Best SmartThings Edge Drivers
0:29 - The EP1 Presence Sensor With SmartThings
3:23 - How to Use This Video
4:03 - Setup The EP1 in SmartThings
9:20 - Configuring EP1 For Presence Detection
14:09 - Hue and SmartThings Working Better Together
16:27 - Setup SmartThings and Philips Hue
18:38 - Doing More With Hue in SmartThings
21:23 - How to Use Hue Scenes in SmartThings
25:53 - Hue Motion Sensor in SmartThings
28:50 - Get Tuya Devices Into SmartThings
30:38 - Setup Tuya Zigbee Devices With SmartThings
34:52 - A Really Useful Diagnostic Driver For Tuya Devices
37:08 - Configuring a Tuya Soil Sensor in SmartThings
42:55 - These Tuya Devices Won't Work With SmartThings
44:29 - Aqara and SmartThings Working Together
45:47 - Setup Aqara in SmartThings
53:18 - Aqara Switches in SmartThings
55:45 - A New SmartThings IDE
56:26 - Setup API Browser Plus in SmartThings
1:03:02 - SmartThings Virtual Devices Guide
1:05:25 - Setup vEdge Virtual Device Creator
1:08:08 - Virtual Devices in SmartThings With Alexa
1:13:53 - Virtual Devices in SmartThings with Google Home
1:16:24 - Count Events in SmartThings
1:17:54 - How to Setup Counter Utility in SmartThings
1:25:06 - Wake On LAN With SmartThings
1:25:58 - Setup Wake on LAN in SmartThings
1:31:33 - How to Setup your PC for Wake on LAN

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