Community Built Extensions

The SmartThings is a world-class smart home platform and community developers have written innovative extensions which enable you to do so much more with the platform. Allowing you to take your smart home to the next level.

So, where can I find these extensions?

The SmartThings community website is excellent for users to exchange views and solve problems. However, looking for an edge driver for your device or a driver to extend the capabilities of the platform can be a frustrating experience and can feel a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack.

SmartThings EXTRAS
This experience has led us to creating SmartThing EXTRAS. A dedicated website for users and developers of the SmartThings platform to publish, promote and exchange their extensions. All-in-one place. Extensions are organised and categorised, so you can easily browse or search for the extension you need for your project.

Today, the marketplace is focused on Edge Drivers. but the vision is to extend its capabilities to include automations and tools. The goal is always the same -enabling you to DO MORE with your smart home.

Compliments the SmartThings Community Site

SmartThings EXTRAS compliments and extends the SmartThings Community site. the marketplace is for finding the right extension, whilst the SmartThings Community site is for posting questions, answers and full technical details of each driver.

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