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Everything Presence One

Everything Presence One

Edge Driver

By SmartThings EXTRAS

This Edge driver enables the Everything Presence One (EP1) sensor to work with the Samsung SmartThings platform. The device can be purchased here.

Five Additional Sensors

In addition to the Presence Sensor, the driver provides access to the two sensors that underlie the presence detection, namely the motion sensor and millimetre wave radar sensor.

In addition the driver provides details on three environmental sensors.

  • Temperature
  • Illuminance
  • Humidity


All Sensors can be used in SmartThings Routines and advanced automations. E.g. Turn the light on when someone is present in the room and the illuminance is below 80 lux. E.g. Turn the heating off when no one is present in the room and the temperature is greater than 12 degrees C.


The driver supports a full range of device controls and management settings.


The driver comes in two variants. The classic variant manages the core features of the sensor. The premium version also supports the advanced features including zones and targets.

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