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Edge Driver

By Todd Austin

This is a SmartThings Edge Driver for Heatmiser Hubs (neoHubs) and associated devices. Specifically: thermostats/timers (neoStat), plugs (neoPlug), and air (neoAir) device types.

Supported States and Controls

neoStat (configured as a thermostat)

  • Current temperature
  • Operating State (Heat, Idle)
  • Set mode (Auto, Standby)
  • Set heating setpoint temperature and frost protection temperature (if enabled)
  • Hold with duration
  • Select active Profile
  • Set all thermostats to Standby or Auto
  • Set Away

neoStat (configured as a Timer)

  • Set timer mode: auto, standby, override timer to on or off for specific duration
  • Select active timer Profile


  • On/off switch


  • Current temperature


  • A SmartThings Hub
  • A Heatmiser neoHub (second generation)
  • One or more heatmiser devices
  • NeoHub API Access Token

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