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MQTT Devices

MQTT Devices

Edge Driver

By Todd Austin

A SmartThings Edge driver for creating MQTT-connected devices. These devices will update their states based on MQTT messages. No cloud connection is used, so everything is executed locally.

Use Cases

  • If you have a device or application that publishes messages using MQTT, then you can use this driver to easily integrate into SmartThings.
  • If you have a device or application that responds to messages from MQTT, then you can use this driver to initiate MQTT messages from supported SmartThings device types such as switches or momentary buttons.

Supported device types are: switch, battery, button, contact, motion, motionPlus, alarm, dimmer, vibration, lock, presence, sound, moisture, temperature, humidity, energy, text, numeric, robot vacuum, fan speed. 

The following device types can also be configured to publish MQTT messages when state changes from within SmartThings (i.e., manually via mobile app or automations). Switch, button, alarm, dimmer, lock, temperature, humidity, energy, numeric, robot vacuum, and fan speed devices

There is also a command provided for building Rules that can publish any on-the-fly MQTT message to a given topic.


  • SmartThings Hub
  • External MQTT broker such as Mosquitto

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