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Virtual Devices

Virtual Devices

Edge Driver

By Todd Austin

This Edge driver enables SmartThings users to easily create virtual devices without coding.

Numerous types of virtual devices supported including: A/C, air quality, alarm, Alexa switch, battery, CO2 level, contact, door, energy, fan, garage door, illuminance, Level/dimmer-only, lock, light (including RGBW), momentary button/doorbell, motion, panic, presence, refrigerator, smoke detector, sound pressure, sound sensor, switch, switch level/dimmer, temp/humidity, TV, thermostat, video camera, water sensor, window shade.


  • Create any number of virtual devices
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Run locally on your hub. 
  • Enables you to create 100% local automations with virtual devices
  • See how many devices youve created of a given type (inventory)
  • Devices include additional controls and features beyond what is available through CLI-created virtual devices
  • Several virtual device types include a switch that mirrors controls - useful for Alexa triggers
  • Several virtual devices types include custom controls to set device states
  • Ability to select dashboard icon for select devices (e.g., switch, contact, motion)
  • Momentary button includes both switch and contact, plus preference settings to control on/off/revert behavior, and delay value
  • Motion includes optional auto-revert back to inactive after given delay value
  • Shade device includes hidden contactSensor for triggering Alexa routines

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