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Youless Energy Meter

Youless Energy Meter

Edge Driver

By Todd Austin

A SmartThings Edge Driver for Youless Energy devices.

The Youless LS120 Enegy Monitor collects logging information from a "slimme meter" (smart meter) through its P1 port. It connects to your local ethernet network, and allows you to access the collected data from a cell phone (using Wifi) or computer.

Supports Youless LS120 P1 energy meter.

Can include Enelogic firmware for providing gas data.

Exposes power (watts), energy consumption (kWh), and gas volume (cubic meters) in a SmartThings device.

Configurable update frequency and enable/disable gas measurement from Enelogic firmware devices.

Multiple devices can be created and are each configured with the static IP address of the device.

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